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Painting Contractors South Naples FL

Painting Contractors

South Naples Painting Contractors
Painting Contractors in and near South Naples Florida

Painting Contractors in South Naples

So you want to get some painting done to your home?  Do you know how to choose between all the different types of paint?  Well, that is where we come in to make your walls and ceilings finish out the look of your remodel or new build.

At Tri-Town Construction, we use the highest quality products.  Our paints have ZERO VOC (volatile organic compounds).  Allowable levels of VOCs for paints and products such as aerosol air fresheners, carpets, and furniture have been toughened because VOCs contribute to ozone and smog formation and are linked to respiratory illnesses and memory impairment.

We start the process of painting with first choosing the right paint for the space; so humidity levels and low/high traffic areas are taken into consideration.  We then wipe down all of the walls.  Even a small amount of dust on a wall to be painted can make it start peeling and bubbling after 6 months.  At the beginning and then during the entire process we use air scrubbers to filter the air to keep the painting area clear of dust.

Did you ever think that painting the tops of doors and cabinets makes a big difference?  Well it does!  Moisture in the air can go into the unpainted areas and that’s when the wood expands and you get the door that won’t close properly or the drawers that go in and out at an angle.  All of the cabinets that we order are ALL WOOD not particle board that turns to mush when it gets wet.

We remove the windows and recaulk before we paint.  This ensures there is no air leakage, A/C escapage, and no moisture invasion.  High quality paint lasts 5-7 years.  That is what we use and if you use a lower quality paint then you may be painting every 2 years.   Poor quality paint can get:

  • Hand prints
  • Rub marks
  • Chips, Knicks
  • Fading

Getting the job done right the first time is the key.  Paint is your home’s first line of defense and can affect the integrity of your home. Let our professionals at Tri-Town Construction do it right.

Painting Contractors South Naples FL
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South Naples Painting Contractors
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Contractors in SW Florida
Contractors in SW Florida
Contractors in SW Florida
Contractors in SW Florida

























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