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Carpentry Contractors North Naples FL

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Tri-Town Construction is class all the way.  We want your home to be a showplace as well as a livable and functional living space.  Specialty carpentry can turn an average home into an above average to even a WOW looking home.  Crown molding, trey ceilings, quality wooden add-ins…..are you picturing it?  We are a quality carpenter that putties and caulks all walls; not many contractors out there do that, as the painter usually has that job, but think about it… you really want your PAINTER to apply putty and caulk?  We do it and it lasts.  You don't want to start seeing wall seams 2-3 years down the road.

Do you know what mismatched pieces of wood can do over time to crown molding?  We are precise and clean when we put 2 pieces of wood together.  Remember wood expands and contracts, especially in our climate of high humidity.

Installing doors….even putting the wrong hinges on doors and cabinets can become a nightmare!  We have thought of all of these details in advance so you don't have to worry.

Remember, we putty and caulk everything so it is ready for the painter!  We want to show you that quality will make a huge difference for your end result.

Carpentry Contractors North Naples FL
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North Naples Carpentry Contractors
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